Security Tags

Digitag offers advanced security tags for all types of merchandise such as clothing, fashion accessories, sports equipment and bottles. Security tags work by attaching it securely to the merchandise to be later removed or detached by the sales assistant at the point of sale. Attempted theft with the security tag in place will sound an alarm at the security gates at exit. Several types of retail security tags can be used in a shop that sells a diverse range of products such as department or sports stores.

Clothing Tags

Digitag offers an extensive range of Tags specifically designed for Clothing and Accessories. The Tags attach to the garments and an alarm will activate the detection system at the door if the Tags are not removed at the pay point. Tags reduce shrinkage and increase merchandise visibility.

ct_1     ct_2 ct_03 ct_04 ct_05 ct_06
Stem Tag Mini Pencil Tag Flat Pencil Tag Super Tag Blister Pack Tag Pins

Soft Labels

Soft labels provide adequate detection and very high deactivation performance.

4 x 4cm Stick on Label DR Labels
soft_lable1 soft_lable2

Ink Tags

inktagsInk Tags (also known as dye tags) discourage shoplifters even before they attempt to steal. Our range of benefit denial dye security tags contain sealed vials of permanent dye that will break if forcibly removed from the garment, permanently staining the garment and making it unsuitable for wear, return or resale. Ideal for cost-conscious retailers looking to begin a loss prevention program, these economical dye tags work as an effective clothing security tag with or without Electronic Article Surveillance features.

Bottle Tags

Digitag has a wide selection of Bottle Tags specifically designed for Liquor Stores. The tags are small, reusable and very secure allowing the retailer to openly display expensive spirits and wines.


Optical Tags

opticaltagsun      Digitag has a range of optical tags that are tough, secure and reusable. Optical Tags enforces a strong message and deters theft. This encourages open merchandising for designer frames and sunglasses. If merchandise is illicitly removed, the tag activates the detection system’s visual and audible alarm at the doorway. The benefits are an immediate and lasting reduction in theft, increased sales and profit improvement.
  opticaltag1    opticaltag2 opticaltag3 opticaltag4 opticaltag5
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