Alarming Tags

Spider Tags

Digitag offers a variety of Spider tags that are adjustable allowing the retailer to protect high value products. The spider tag is durable and has a battery life off up to 5 years. The spider tag use 3 alarm technology – Available in AM and RF.

Spider_tags Spider_tags2 st2

Super Cable Tag

sct1Super Cable Tag ™ (T146)

Technology: 3 Alarm / 2 Alarm
Frequency: 58KHz / 8.3MHz
Lock: Super / Normal
Beep volume: 95dB
Battery Life: 3 – 5 years
Lanyard length: 170mm
Reset alarm: Magnet detacher / Remote Control
Release: Magnet Detacher


Multi Alarm Tag

multi_alarm4Multi Alarm Tag (NO.T142)

Frequency: 58KHz
Alarm emit distance: 1500mm (Sensormatic)
Beep volume: 95dB
Battery Life: 3 – 5 years
Low Battery Indicator
Released pin by magnetic detacher
Reset alarming by magnetic detacher or remote control (optional)

multi_alarm1 multi_alarm2 multi_alarm3 multi_alarm5
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