Digitag Company Profile

Digitag is a South African owned and operated company, dedicated to providing retail loss prevention and retail security solutions to a wide selection of retail industries such as fashion, consumer electronic, pharmaceutical and libraries. Digitag’s head office is located in Johannesburg and has offices in Cape Town and Durban.

We have a national network of specially trained service agents to provide prompt installation of anti shoplifting equipment and anti theft devices as well as support throughout South Africa. We supply and import top quality EAS systems and accessories from Europe and the U.S.A. Our systems excel in perfect detection of both hard tags and soft labels. They are all microprocessor controlled and designed using the latest technology.

Our priorities are perfect quality and high level technical support.

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Company Mission

To be the most respected and successful South African retail loss prevention company. This is achieved by delivering high quality, innovative products at a competitive price. Our team of specialists provides a consultative approach to our clients’ needs and we find a solution to protect our retailer’s profits and maximize their return on investment.

Retail loss prevention is crucial to your business. Digitag has the solution for you! Contact Us for more info.

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